Family Mental Health
Perinatal Mental Health (Postpartum Depression/Anxiety)

The Canadian Mental Health Association estimates that up to 20% of new mothers experience Perinatal Mental Health struggles (PPD).

Perinatal Mental Health struggles can affect anyone. It can impact all new parents—both moms and dads—and it can begin in pregnancy. Perinatal Mental Health struggles can be impacted by many different factors that work together, including family history, biology, personality, life experiences, and possible history of mental health struggles.

Perinatal Mental Health struggles can range from mild, moderate, and severe. Becoming a new parent is hard enough—and the challenges added by depression and anxiety can seem overwhelming. You are doing the best you can, and the Perinatal Mental Health team is here to support you through your journey.

Our free programming can support an individual with either individual weekly supports, through our weekly PPD Support Groups, or our weekly Prenatal Support Group that are available year-round. It is never to late, or too early to ask for help. Please call our intake line to complete an intake and begin that journey of recovery with our supportive staff.

Prenatal and postpartum support requires and intake to ensure you are receiving the service that best suits your needs. Please call us at 403.205.5180  or  403.205.5194

Perinatal Mood Disorder (postpartum depression) is a treatable illness. It will end.


Families Matter produced a video to help Moms and their families understand what Perinatal Mood Disorder (postpartum depression) is.  Watch the trailer here:

Looking for the Postpartum Info & Support for Dads and Partners?

PPD affects the entire family. We invite the partners to join us in order to better understand postpartum difficulties and depression. – They will learn strategies that can help Mom feel better; discuss the potential effects on your child; how to get better and get stronger than before. This program is limited to 8 participants and facilitated by Jory & Amanda McMillian, who have experienced PPD and will share how to effectively move through this.

Click here for details for our next Postpartum Information and Support Classes for Partners.