Front Runners – Youth Programming

The Families Matter Front Runners team offers various programming delivered to support healthy bodies and healthy minds of youth, ages 8 - 14 years old. With an innovative and fun-first approach, our programs intentionally develop skills and support personal growth for a strong foundation for becoming resilient young adults. By fostering an inclusive environment, youth joining our programs feel safe to engage and learn with other participants and facilitators, all while discovering and developing new and old interests or skills. Through our belief in valuing the individual and guidance through strength-based practices, youth are able to cultivate meaningful experiences and relationships with long-lasting impacts.

Life Skills

Stress management, emotional regulation, connection, self-awareness and mindset are at the forefront of all our practices. Healthy minds are developed by nourishing creative expression, self-discovery, emotional literacy, and creating healthy habits. By promoting these life skills first, we are then able to address gaps and hit different interests to develop additional learning opportunities in an innovative way. Healthy bodies are supported by teaching physical literacy, teaching foundational nutrition practices, fostering social connections and discussing changes in their developing bodies.

Families Matter Front Runners Program is the proud recipient of the 2020 Partnership, Collaboration and Connection Award presented by the Bhayana Family through the United Way Agency Awards