When babies are born, so are parents.

Raising children comes with many celebrations, questions, worries, joys, and milestones; and our Family Centres are here for every step of that journey.

We operate three Family Learning and Play Centres, in the NE/NW/SE communities of Calgary. We offer programs in our centres, outdoors, and online that support families. Our Centres are a space where parents, caregivers, and their children can come play, learn and connect with staff as well as other parents.

Triwood Family Centre (NW)

Our Triwood Centre offers parenting classes and parent and child together activities such as Infant Massage and Parent Child Mother Goose. While a little smaller than our other centres, it is still full of heart and opportunities for connection and learning.

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Midnapore Family Centre (SE)

In addition to our regularly offer programs, we also host community programs in our space to further support families. At our Midnapore Family Centre, we host partnerships with:

  • Alberta Health Services-Best Beginnings
  • Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association – Cross Cultural Parenting, Counselling and Seniors Group
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Horizon Family Centre (NE)

In addition to our regularly offer programs, we host community programs in our space to further support families.  At our Horizon Family Centre, we host partnerships with:

  • Centre for Sexuality- Gender Creative Families
  • Immigrant Services Calgary- Early Learning Across Cultures
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We offer programs that allow children to explore and learn through child-led play, unstructured drop in groups and structured groups, all while their parents/caregivers are also able to take parenting classes. We support optimal child development and families having space to grow and learn together. A few of our current program focuses are:

  • Early language development
  • Emotional literacy
  • Gross and fine motor development
  • Social and peer connections for children and their parents/caregivers
  • Sensory play


Centre staff are able to support parents/caregivers to understand their children and their development through Ages & Stages Questionnaires (ASQ). ASQs are developmental screening tools that help assess a child’s development and growth, as well as help parents/caregivers understand ways to support that growth in their children. They also assist with families connecting to other services & supports, such as other early childhood supports, basic needs programs, and more.

Our Intake Team is here to help you find what classes and programs are a good fit for you.

Please reach out if you are in need of or are seeking support.

Call 403.205.5194 or 403.205.5180 or email intake@familiesmatter.ca