Making Donations

Strong families don’t just happen!

“Parenting is probably the most important public health issue facing our society”.  Hoghughi 1998

Here you are possibly considering if this is an agency that does the kind of work you would like to support with your dollars.

And so you want to know, what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for.

At Families Matter we believe that only strong and resilient families are able to build strong, safe, and creative communities.  

Families that have multiple stressors; poverty, low literacy, unemployment, addictions, domestic violence, health issues, single parenting, and others, may not have the confidence, competence and connection to guide their children’s growth and development through life’s transitions, in positive ways that fit their values.  Left unsupported these families and especially these children can fall through society’s cracks and have future problems that can feel insurmountable.

Without judgment and with a great belief in each parent’s love for their children and ability to learn, we offer opportunities for families to learn positive, respectful approaches and an understanding of their child’s development, that will enable them to make changes that can create resilience and family harmony that can affect generations to come.

We do this through as many unique ways as there are families.  

  • Perhaps it is a mother with mental health issues unable to leave her home, or without transportation – we can offer one-one support delivered in their homes.  
  • A father who is struggling with trying to be a good parent and stay connected to his children to change the cycle of crime in the Calgary Correctional Centre? Our male facilitators are delivering the five-week Be a Great Dad program and changing futures.
  • An immigrant mom, giving birth in a strange country, away from family, isolated, and suffering from postpartum depression?  Our phone support line, in-home support, or support groups throughout the city may be just the lifeline she needs at this critical place in their family’s transitions.
  • New parents, single parents, confused parents, frustrated parents.  
  • Whoever they are they are welcome at Families Matter. 

And we show due diligence for your donation.  Coupled with our existing funding dollars from social serving agencies, you can direct your monies to a specific program that feels closest to your heart.

If you can help us help Calgary families by making a cash donation please contact:

Danielle Ladouceur, 403-205–5181 Or use the “Donate” button below, through which donations can be made by the following means:   Credit Card   Bank Account or  Paypal account.