We are always happy to hear from you. At times our receptionist is busy setting up our rooms for programs and may not be at the desk. Email and phone messages will be answered and responded to within 24 hours.

For program enquiries, write intake@familiesmatter.ca

For program intake, call 403.205.5194 (North Calgary) or 403.205.5180 (South Calgary).

For general questions, write info@familiesmatter.ca

For assistance with class registration, call 403.205.5178 or 403.288.1446

Horizon Family Centre (NE)

This is where our Northeast Family Resource Network and Central Administrative Office is located

3404 25th Street NE
Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6C1
Reception: 403.205.5178
Fax: 587.393.5148

Triwood Family Centre (NW)

4004 19th St. NW
Calgary, Alberta T2L 2B6
Reception: 403.205.5178
Fax: 587.393.5148

Midnapore Family Centre (SE)

This is where our Southeast Family Resource Network is located

#101 – 239 Midpark Way SE
Calgary, Alberta T2X 1M2
Reception: 403.288.1446


Families Matter Referral Forms

If you, or a family you work with, requires support, please fill out our  Families Matter Referral form.

If you require assistance with this form, please contact us at one of our centres.


Our Executive Team Contacts:

Executive Director – Lisa Barton

403.205.5195     LisaBarton@familiesmatter.ca

Controller – Ellie Zhang

403.205.5192     EllieZhang@familiesmatter.ca

Director – Operations – Corinna Totino

403.205.5197    CorinnaTotino@familiesmatter.ca

Senior Manager – Programs – Lindsay Hacking

403.205.5185   LindsayHacking@familiesmatter.ca

Our Staff

Administrative Team 

Horizon and Triwood  403.205.5178 

Brandy Shaw –  reception@familiesmatter.ca 

Cynthia Walsh – cynthia.peer@familiesmatter.ca

Midnapore 403.288.1446

Odette Van Wyk – midnaporereception@familiesmatter.ca

Manager, Data Systems

Amber Perkins  403.205.5198  AmberPerkins@familiesmatter.ca

Sarah Falk – Course Registrar    403.288.1446 SarahFalk@familiesmatter.ca

Manager, Fathering for the Future 

Michael Bautista       403.589.0559  MichaelBautista@familiesmatter.ca

Fathering for the Future Staff

Bryan Kibamba  403.205.5180

Kendra Hausherr-Leggo  403.829.8133

Julian Khan  403.496.9080

Senior Manager, Programs 

Lindsay Hacking  403.205.5185


Intake Staff

Kayleigh Lake  403.205.5194

Damaris Mendoza  403.205.5180

Home Visitation Staff

Lori Mabry  403.205.5183

Aleksandra Sadowicz   403.827.8872

Jenaya Dorion  403.205.5177

Rose Smith  403.829.9639

North FRN Team Lead

Jenaya Dorion  403.205.5177

South FRN Team Lead

Jenessa Taylor  403.205.5175

(SYP) Team 

Nasab Hamdan  403.205.5182

Jodi McKenzie   403.205.5198

Keys to Resilience Family Centre Staff

Shay Nguyen  403.205.5184

Meenakshi Singhal  403.205.5184

Manager, Perinatal Mental Health Program/Peer Support

Amanda McMillan   403.827.6245  AmandaMcMillan@familiesmatter.ca

Lisa Farrell  403.205.5199

Tanya Du Plessis  403.205.5179

Youth Programs and FrontRunners (Calgary after school program)

Deni Cekic  403.205.5189

Family Life Education Facilitators

All inquiries: Corinna Totino  403.205.5197 CorinnaTotino@familiesmatter.ca

Fathering for the Future Facilitators

All inquiries: Michael Bautista 403.589.0559 MichaelBautista@familiesmatter.ca