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A Black Mama’s Journey via Art, Meditation, Dance and Storytelling

*Updated Date*

Please join us on Sunday, March 10, 2024, to cultivate a safe space for ACB Mothers to reconnect with themselves and their community through meditation, art, dance and storytelling. The goal of this event is for Melanin Mothers to leave with a greater sense of self and community, feeling rejuvenated and with some resources for healing and restoration.

*Please note that this event has limited availability and is registerable in a first come, first served process. A waitlist will be started once this limit is reached.*

Registration has closed.

Facilitator and Event Contact

Kristy Anthony: Project Coordinator for the Perinatal Mental Health of Black Canadians (PMHBC) program, Peer Support Worker and mother.

For more information on this event, please contact Kristy.

Check out our Spotlight on Kristy and the amazing work she does – including The CHAT: a monthly ZOOM meet-up for the ACB community, facilitated by Kristy herself.

Meet the Artists

Jya Noe: “Personable, memorable, awe-inspiring”, these are the sentiments attached to Juliet McLean, aka Jya Noe (Jay-yuh-know-eh).

Jya’s take on thought-provoking topics has enhanced her catalogue, reputation, and fanbase spanning the last 20 years, long before many in the city even arrived here! A hidden gem, perhaps one you may not have heard of, Jya took many hiatuses but what you will always hear from Jya Noe is passion, heartfelt, relatable content, and the ability to capture her audience almost immediately ensuring listeners are not just hearing but feeling and healing.

Melina Stephen: Published children’s author and illustrator, renowned for her ability to become a captivating lifestyle storyteller.

Born and raised in St. Lucia, the Caribbean, Melina often credits as the inspiration behind her impactful stories. Melina embarked in a journey to create diverse literature for brown and black girls and boys and to teach them that representation, self-esteem, morals and a love for God matters. Melina is now the author of numerous books, including, the highly reviewed, Our dog called Nosey, Six Runs Still Not Out, A Garden for Rose, (a stillbirth and grief story) and a series called Overcoming. She also illustrated some of her books including, Fly High Fireflies, Summer Sunflowers and Autumn Leaves. When Melina isn’t weaving captivating stories, she enjoys the gym, gardening and building her brand @theladyisqueen. She shares her home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with her three daughters.

Marcia Fuller: A creative individual, wearer of multiple hats: Artist, Creative Arts Facilitator, and Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach.

Through my creative endeavors, I reflect the intricacies of human existence, exploring themes of vulnerability, resilience, and personal growth. In my artwork, I try to capture the profound beauty and pain inherent in restoration and healing, as well as the transformative hope of rebirth. My intention is for my art to serve as a conduit for introspection, inviting viewers into a journey of contemplation and self-discovery.

In my latest collection, I delve into the profound journey of restoring and healing my ancestral lineage from the enduring effects of historical and generational trauma stemming from the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Through the expressive medium of the arts, I embark on a transformative exploration, seeking to capture the essence of renewal and the profound power of healing within life’s intricate cycles. With every stroke of my brush and each sculpted form, I traverse the depths of these complexities, weaving together a narrative of restoration and resiliency.

Through my creative journey, I encourage others to explore their own paths of restoration and healing and to embrace the transformative power of the creative arts as a means of healing and self-discovery. 

With each piece, I invite viewers to embrace the full spectrum of life’s journey – the pain and the joy, the loss, and the rebirth. My intention is that my art serves as a powerful reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the boundless potential of the creative arts to heal and transform.