Family Resilience

Our ‘Family Resilience’ individualized support program offers a home-based one-on-one service that includes Home Visitation for families with children 0-6 and our Parent Consultation Program that provides home-based parent coaching and support for at-risk families with complex issues and children of any age, referred by Children’s Services.

We recognize that some families require additional support for complex situations best delivered one-on-one. Families can meet with their Family Resilience worker in their home, at our center, or wherever they feel most comfortable.

Our Family Resilience program strives to increase parents’ ability to successfully cope with and recover from the challenges they face. As parents are better able to cope with difficulties, they become more resilient and increased parental resilience builds protective factors in families against child maltreatment. Skills that are taught to parents by Home Visitors to increase parental resilience include:

Effective decision making
Self/Family advocacy
Knowing how to ask for help
Planning and problem-solving skills

By learning these skills, parents can more effectively deal with the challenges and adversity in their lives, which in turn will increase their sense of self-efficacy and self-sufficiency when facing difficult times.

Additional supportive groups and classes have been designed specifically for families receiving home visitation to meet their needs.

Curious?  Call us to find out if this program is right for you.  403.205.5180 or 403.205.5194