Join us at our Horizon Family Centre, the Genesis Centre, or the Trellis East Hub, for a twice-per-week, in-person kindergarten readiness program that highlights the uniqueness of learning across cultures.

In this facilitated group, we will focus on the caregiver and child (aged 3-5 years at time of registration) learning together through play, crafts, and singing. We encourage you to share your cultural traditions and celebrations with us, and welcome you to bring your family members to share in the learning together!

We invite you to learn about ways to connect with your child to encourage learning and development, build your natural support network, and learn about local resources.

Registration Information

These groups run in 14 or 16-week cycles.

Our next cycle is from September to December 2024.

Registration for the September – December sessions will open in August 2024.

Once Enrolment and Registration for Kindergarten Readiness has closed, all new entries will be added to the Waitlist.

A Waitlist will be started for any remaining spots or those that may open throughout the cycle. Registration and the waitlist are First-Come, First-Served. You will be contacted by our team to finalize your enrolment.

Registration Closed

*Please Note: You must have one child between 3-5 years old as of December 31, 2024, to register. This is an adult and child-together program; both adult and child must be able to stay for the duration of the class.

For other currently running Adult and Child-Together programming, please view our Family Centre Calendars for upcoming dates.