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We want our supporters to know, what we do, why we do it, and who we do it for.

At Families Matter we believe that only strong and resilient families are able to build strong, safe, and creative communities.

Some families may feel like they lack the confidence, competence, and connection to guide their children’s growth and development in positive ways.  Left unsupported these families and especially these children can fall through society’s cracks and have future problems that can feel insurmountable.

We believe in the parent’s love for their children and their ability to learn. We offer opportunities for families to learn positive parenting and grow in their understanding of their child’s development. This will enable them to make changes that create resilience and family harmony and will affect generations to come.

We do this through as many unique ways as there are unique families.

It may be:

  • A mom with mental health issues unable to leave her home, or without transportation – we can offer one-one support delivered in their homes.
  • A father who is struggling to be a good parent and stay connected to his children while in the Calgary Correctional Centre or the Fresh Start Addictions Treatment. Our male facilitators are delivering the seven week Be a Great Dad program and changing futures.
  • An immigrant mom, giving birth in a strange country, away from family, isolated, and suffering from postpartum depression.  Our phone support line, in-home support, or support groups throughout the city may be just the lifeline she needs at this critical place in their families’ transitions.
  • New parents, single parents, confused parents, frustrated parents.

All are welcome at Families Matter.

You are welcome to direct your monies to a specific program that feels closest to your heart.

If you would like to discuss how you want to help Calgary families, please donate online or contact Executive Director, Lisa Barton at 403.205.5195.


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Skip the Depot will pick them up and donate your refund TO US!

An easy and convenient way to recycle your bottles while helping us meet families basic needs.

Here’s how it works:
1) Sign up for a Skip the Depot account through OUR REFERRAL LINK here:
2) Schedule a pick-up.
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Mitchell Purdy Be A Great Young Dad Fund

Mitchell came to Families Matter in 2018 to take part in our ‘Be a Great Dad’ parenting course for fathers. Mitchell became a father at 19, and faced many obstacles as a young father – he was still maturing, he was just learning about his new role as a father, and he was trying to figure out how to be involved in his young son’s life.

Mitchell is not alone in facing these barriers. Young fathers are often marginalized and pushed out of their parental role. They are routinely perceived as too immature or irresponsible and struggle to find support. Despite the adversities and challenges Mitchell faced, he was determined to find a way to become involved in his child’s life. Choosing intentionally not to walk away, Mitchell was prepared to do whatever he needed to in order to become a good father, create trust, and build a relationship with his son. In an effort to pursue this commitment to his son, Mitchell reached out to Families Matter for help and was enrolled in our ‘Be a Great Dad’ course as an entry point into our Successful Young Parents Program.

Mitchell was an enthusiastic and committed participant in the program. He shared his stories and his dreams and took the learning to heart. Mitchell would be the first to tell you that he was far from perfect, but he was working on his goals and they were being met. He had a good job, a positive attitude, and plans for his future. His vision was to become an active and inspiring father and a healthy role model in his son’s life and to provide support for him both emotionally and financially.

Unfortunately, Mitchell died suddenly and tragically when he was struck by a train in Bowness in 2019. At the age of 20, far before he was able to bring his hopes and dreams to reality. Mitchell’s mother, Jill Purdy, stepped forward after his death and made a donation to Families Matter in her son’s name to provide subsidies to other young fathers who wanted to attend our ‘Be a Great Dad’ course and build healthy relationships with their children. Our most recent course included two young dads under the age of 23 who were able to attend thanks to the generosity of the Purdy family.

“Keep fighting the good fight” is what Mitchell often said, and what he tried his best to do. We invite you to help us to carry on Mitchell’s legacy.

Make a Donation to the Mitchell Purdy Be a Great Dad Fund here