Let's look at the life you want to live.

What behaviours are getting in the way of creating that life? What skills are missing to get you to where you need to go?

These Life Skills Groups will help you learn how to change your behaviours, emotions and thoughts that are linked to the challenges in your life. They will focus on how to be more skillful in managing distress, improving personal relations, and emotional regulation through mindfulness and a DBT-skilled lens.

Register for any and all modules that fit your needs.

Although themes in each module may include some similar content, group discussions will be unique to the module’s focus.

All of our upcoming session sets have SOLD OUT. Please check back for more information soon.

In-person at one of our Family Resource Centres

Evening sessions, running 6-8pm

4 weeks per module

Light meal will be provided

No childcare provided

*There are 4 modules offered in this DBT series. Registration in all 4 modules is not required to participate.

Mindfulness skills will help you to observe your emotions so you can de-escalate the stress response that negatively impact our lives, so we can move towards acceptance.

Crisis survival strategies, tolerating short-term and long-term emotional pain, and how to skillfully deal with emotional pain will be taught.

Using problem-solving skills to be effective in improving relationships, keeping important relationships, and helping you feel better about your ability to interact with other people.

The focus will be to increase your understanding of the emotions that you experience, reduce emotional vulnerability and decrease emotional suffering.