Ways to Reach Out

General Questions: info@familiesmatter.ca
Program Inquires: intake@familiesmatter.ca
Program Intake: 403.205.5194 (North Calgary) or 403.205.5180 (South Calgary)
Help with Class Registration: 403.205.5178 or 403.288.1446

We are always happy to hear from you. At times our receptionist is busy setting up our rooms for programs and may not be at the desk. Email and phone messages will be answered and responded to within 24 hours.

Families Matter Referral Forms

If you, or a family you work with, requires support, please fill out our  Families Matter Referral form.

If you require assistance with this form, please contact us at one of our centres.

Our Staff

Our Leadership Team Contacts:

Interim Executive Director – Lisa Barton  403.205.5195     LisaBarton@familiesmatter.ca

Controller – Ellie Zhang  403.205.5192     EllieZhang@familiesmatter.ca

Senior Manager of Programs – Lindsay Hacking  403.205.5185  LindsayHacking@familiesmatter.ca

Manager, Fathering for the Future & Frontrunners Youth
Michael Bautista  403.589.0559 MichaelBautista@familiesmatter.ca

Manager, Data Systems – Amber Perkins  403.205.5198  AmberPerkins@familiesmatter.ca

Manager, Perinatal Mental Health Program/Peer Support
Amanda McMillan   403.827.6245  AmandaMcMillan@familiesmatter.ca



Administrative Contacts:

Horizon and Triwood  403.205.5178

Midnapore 403.288.1446

Family Life Education Facilitators

All inquiries: Lindsay Hacking 403.205.5185 LindsayHacking@familiesmatter.ca

Fathering for the Future Facilitators

All inquiries: Michael Bautista 403.589.0559 MichaelBautista@familiesmatter.ca