A Message from Our Interim Executive Director

Since 2020 we have had unprecedented demands on our services and supports. We stepped up in our responsibility as a social service agency to be present for our families and youth and to ensure that they accessed the help they needed.

It has also been years of significant growth for our agency.

We invite you to share in our stories by reading our 2021 Annual Reports.

Click here for Our Annual Report 2021

Click here for Our Annual Financial Statements 2021


Our Board of Directors 2022/23:

  • Chad Johnson, Chair
  • Emily Zhang, Vice Chair
  • Carla Marsh, Treasurer
  • Jessica Brown, Secretary
  • Lindsay Hogan, Director
  • Jordie Fraser, Director
  • Lesley Hayes, Director
  • Alyson Jenkins, Director
  • Kelly Siemens, Director
  • Susan Clayton, Director at Large